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Sit & Heat x Vattenfall

Sit & Heat and Vattenfall are teaming up for a sustainable future. Together, we are helping to make the Netherlands more sustainable. Sit & Heat is very suitable for heating your terrace or (home) workplaces. Order your heated cushions now with 10% discount. Use the discount code vattenfall10 and get 10% discount on your order at Sit & Heat.
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They went before you

With more than 1,700 professional customers, we are the leader in custom-made heat pads. 

The perfect heat pad for any terrace

Customisable with your brand colours, an embroidered logo on the front and/or back of the cushion and, of course, delicious warmth. See all our products for the hospitality industry
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Revenue boosting

Sit & Heat offers your guests the optimal heat experience. Your guests stay seated longer and therefore easily order an extra drink! It also provides extra seating, as your outdoor space can be used all year round.


With Sit & Heat, you save up to 95% of energy. The sensor in the cushion ensures that the heating switches on and off automatically. By heating the body directly, you do not lose any energy to the outside air. So no unnecessary energy consumption!


Sit & Heat is an innovative way to warm your guests. The new way of heating means your guests will come home with a nice story. This will take the experience of your establishment to a higher level. Surprise your guests with Sit & Heat!

Enjoy amazing, long-lasting comfort

Surprise your guests with a whole new level of comfort with our revolutionary technology. Every time your guest sits down, heat radiates from the seat and backrest. Sit & Heat's heating seat cushions are conveniently powered by rechargeable and replaceable batteries.

Our heating pads are available in different models and with a palette of more than 250 colours. As the standard models, our studio customises them according to your wishes in terms of shape and colour. Of course, it is possible to apply a logo or message in the desired place.

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