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Our team

Pleased to meet you digitally! Our team consists of a close-knit club full of enthusiastic, creative and driven people. Find out who we are, what makes us hot and what we do within Sit & Heat.
Meet the Sit & Heat team

Jorg Rijkschroeff

Jorg, the visionary founder of Sit & Heat, created the heated cushion while studying Industrial Design and is pushing the company forward with market-oriented adaptations.

Jeroen Diks

Jeroen, our commercial director, is the face to entrepreneurs, municipalities and stadiums, pursuing sustainable and cost-effective heating solutions.

Rasam Moghimi

International Sales & Marketing
Rasam, our versatile team member with background in biology, business and marketing, contributes to Sit & Heat's growth towards a more sustainable future.

Roel de Vries

Hospitality Netherlands
Roel, our dedicated team member, manages the entire patio heating process, from customer contact to delivery, contributing to sustainable guest experiences.

Jessie van Wagenberg

Hospitality Netherlands
Jessie, our energetic team member, focuses on making the hospitality industry more sustainable through close contact with entrepreneurs, municipalities and partners and offers genuine advice for improvement.

Anthony Gerard

Sales director UK
Anthony, our experienced team member, brings over 30 years of global experience working with designers, architects and catering organisations, prioritising customer service excellence.

Stuart Hardy

Hospitality UK
Stuart, our valued team member, looks after Sit & Heat clients in the UK and Ireland, with over 40 years' experience in business sales and consultancy.

Per Cederlund

Country manager Nordics
Per, our Nordic representative, combines a passion for people and business with expertise in business psychology and entrepreneurship, focused on sustainable growth.

Karin Vink

Hospitality Germany
Karin, our enthusiastic team member, believes in 'anything is possible', strives for innovative, comfortable and sustainable products, and values customer satisfaction.

Shanée Nayder

Project manager
Shanee, our versatile team member, balances her studies in business administration with her role as a project manager, driven by challenge and growth at Sit & Heat.

Marcel Rijkschroeff

Finance officer
Marcel, retired, happily and enthusiastically supports the finance department at Sit & Heat.

Wouter Diks

Head of Operations
Wouter, our versatile team member, produces cushions and ensures timely deliveries. With a background in VEVA Ground Operations, he values team spirit and continuous learning opportunities.

Siska Jansen

Master Tailor
Siska, our experienced team member from its inception, has been working on the development of Sit & Heat for ten years. Proud of her contribution to comfortable products.

Hanan Monther

Hanan, our experienced craftswoman, manufactures custom-made heated cushions and carries out repairs with her years of expertise from Syria

Reza Azhdari

Operation Coordinator
Reza, our enthusiastic team member, brings his passion for sports and innovation together at Sit & Heat, where teamwork and innovation thrive in a dynamic environment.

Ibrahim Hanouna

Operation Coordinator
Ibrahim, our valued team member, brings a positive attitude, team spirit and cooperation to Sit & Heat after 10 years in the Netherlands.

Morten Verbaarschot

Morten, from intern to valuable team member at Sit & Heat, driven by entrepreneurship. With support from Jorg and Jeroen, he started his own company and remained involved in Sit & Heat's success.

Lard Peters

Lard, who started as an intern a year and a half ago, enjoys working alongside his school and hopes to make many more cushions for everyone!

Joumana Alboni

Joumana, our experienced seamstress from Syria, with more than 30 years of experience, brings creativity and craftsmanship to Sit & Heat.

Abbas Akbari

Abbas, our talented seamstress with roots in Afghanistan, contributes to Sit & Heat's craftsmanship.

Fawaz Mohamed Sabri

Fawaz, our valued colleague from Syria, strengthens Sit & Heat with his skills and background, contributing to our team.

Nedal Alabd

Nedal, our kind and careful colleague from Syria, brings peace and social connection to the team, after living in the Netherlands for nine years.

Ward Beerens

Product Developer
Ward, our dedicated Product Developer, strives for innovative solutions for every customer and challenging issue, with a passion for continuous improvement.

Duco Pöstgens

Junior Product Developer
Duco, our versatile team member, plays a crucial role in product development, graphic tasks and production, where he is constantly strengthening his skills.

Lisa van Lambalgen

Design Intern
Lisa, graduate intern, contributes to new product developments at Sit & Heat, enjoying a friendly team and freedom to share ideas

Jimmy Hendriks

Sales Intern
Jimmy, our driven graduate intern in sales, focuses on relationship management and optimising the sales department, with an eye for international opportunities.

Ruben van Kessel

Sales Intern
Ruben, our ambitious graduate intern in the sales department, connects psychology with sales and creates comfort solutions for various environments such as offices and churches.

Tanne de Jong

Media & Marketing Intern
Tanne, our creative Media Design intern, focuses on corporate photography and filming of various aspects, driven by an open and inspiring working environment.

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