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Our technology

Discover the new heating with our patented, award-winning technology

Our technology

Discover the new heating with our patented, award-winning technology

The most advanced system in a heat pad.

Three heat settings, two heat elements, one bench. That's the Lounge. The most advanced heat cushion in our collection. With a choice of more than 250 fabrics, up to 3 heated seats per sofa and easy connection to the power socket, the Lounge is the heating solution for any sofa.
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How does a Sit & Heat pillow work?

1 - Operation

Every Sit & Heat heat cushion has a control panel. For our seat and plush cushions, this consists of an on/off button, a light and our logo. Our sofa cushions have the deluxe system, which also has a plus and minus button.

2 - Heat

The warmth of Sit & Heat cushions comes from our clever, patented heating elements. These heat elements use an incredibly safe form of infrared heating. The maximum heat coming from these elements is 42º Celsius.

3 - Fabric

At Sit & Heat, we only use high-quality, luxurious fabrics. We would like to offer you every choice in the appearance of your heat pad. That is why we offer you more than 250 fabrics to choose from. Is there nothing even here? Then we will look for the perfect fabric for your cushions.

4 - Sensor

Sit & Heat heat pads are smart. They turn on automatically when you sit down and warm up to 42º Celsius within two minutes. Do you get up from your chair? Then the cushion turns off automatically after one minute. That way, we don't waste unnecessary energy.

Proudly made in the Netherlands

At Sit & Heat, we are immensely proud to say that all our cushions are made in the Netherlands. From fitting systems to stitching the fabric; we do it all in one of our three production locations in the Netherlands. 

And these are not just any production sites. We want to do our bit for a better tomorrow, for everyone. That is why we collaborate with social workshops to help people who have fled war zones or people with a disadvantage on the labour market.

So you know that by buying a Sit & Heat pillow, you are making a responsible choice. No mass production, but real old-fashioned craftsmanship.

Our most popular model

Designed to fit in most patio chairs, two delicious heat elements and a powerhouse of a battery. The Nimma is our most popular heat pad for a reason.
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The Sit & Heat Pad

1 - Plug & Play

All you have to do is take your squash pillow out of the box and plug in your Powerbank. That's it!

2 - Delicious Warmth

With a fully charged Sit & Heat Powerbank, you will enjoy a lovely heated pillow for up to 5 hours!

3 - Very Soft Fabrics

Whether you go for a Velour or Teddy, our fabrics are of the highest quality!

4 - Degree Lower

By using a Sit & Heat Pad you can turn down your thermostat. Just one degree lower can save you hundreds of euros!

Other questions about our cushions?

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