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About us

At Sit & Heat, we make high-quality, comfortable smart heating cushions that keep you warm and cosy wherever you are. Whether you are lazing on the sofa at home or enjoying a drink with friends on a chilly terrace, our smart heating cushions will keep you warm and comfortable.


Our mission is simple: to cool the planet by heating people. We aim to reduce both energy costs and CO2 emissions related to heating and believe in creating a world where local heating is sustainable and circular. Our eco-friendly heating pads and cushions replace traditional patio heaters that produce harmful CO2 emissions. By eliminating dependence on expensive fossil-fuel heating, we can take another step towards a healthier and happier planet. By using our energy-efficient heating products, you will reduce your CO2 emissions and drastically lower your energy costs.
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Our story

Our CEO and founder, Jorg Rijkschroeff, developed our innovative heating technology in response to the Dutch Environment Ministry's call for an alternative to harmful outdoor heating. Since 2010, we have been leading the way with sustainable, energy-efficient heating solutions for a more sustainable future. Today, we are proud to be the world's leading company for customised heating pads designed to improve our lives and reduce our impact on the environment.
The journey so far

Who we are

At Sit & Heat, we believe that everyone deserves to be warm and comfortable. That's why we keep people warm wherever they are. Our heating pads are the ultimate comfort upgrade for homes, offices, boats and even famous stadiums and renowned churches. We spread warmth and good vibes worldwide, from the Big Apple to the city of London, as the trusted experts in smart, durable heated seating solutions. Find out more about our team whose mission is to create a more sustainable future, one heating pad at a time.
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