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Sustainable heating for the church

The sustainable heating solution for every church


It is often cold in churches, despite the fact that the heating is turned on well before mass. The central heating of a church building causes enormously high energy costs. This can range from €20,000 to sometimes as much as €80,000 purely for heating. In addition, the central heating of a church building causes damage to historic interiors. With the Sit & Heat heating system, churchgoers are heated directly. No more unnecessary energy consumption!
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Sit & Heat in Churches
Comfort with Sit & Heat


Warm backs and buttocks, that's what hard workers want! With heated office chairs
you choose the most comfortable heat and prevent back pain.
Save energy with Sit & Heat


Save on your energy costs: the heating needs to be turned on less often and less hard. In our own 50m2 office, this already saved €500 in one year!
Sustainable heat with Sit & Heat

Environmentally friendly

Apart from saving costs, Sit & Heat is also more environmentally friendly. Do your bit and help reduce CO2 emissions.

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