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Utrecht hospitality entrepreneur

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8 free heating pads on your terrace

Grant to make your terrace more sustainable

The Utrecht municipality is working towards a sustainable future. The focus in the coming years will be on energy saving and sustainable energy. Hospitality entrepreneurs play a major role within this process. That is why the municipality of Utrecht subsidy to business owners who are keen to become more sustainable. Be careful though; the subsidy is not infinite! So don't wait too long.
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Optimal sustainability combined with ultimate comfort

Sit & Heat's heated cushions eliminate the need for heaters and offer your guests more comfort. So you can significantly reduce your emissions. We would be happy to visit you to discuss the possibilities with you. Would you like to make use of this subsidy? We will assist you fully with this application.
Subsidy pot: gone = gone! So don't wait too long
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Reimbursed up to €1500
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At BUUV. you can enjoy yourself unconstrained. A beautiful place, by the Goffertpark in the sun where everyone is welcome at different times of the day; in the sun on the terrace, in the park with a nice picnic, with the neighbour having a beer after a long working day, or just getting an ice cream. BUUV. really is there for everyone.

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What does a Sit & Heat terrace get you?

With our heated cushions, you offer your guests the ultimate terrace experience. And it pays off, of course. Your guests stay longer and are more likely to order an extra drink.

In addition, based on 8 seats, you will save up to €2600 a year by getting rid of one of your gas heaters. In fact, a gas heater consumes around 9,000 kWh of gas on an annual basis, while eight of our heat pads use only 144 kWh of electricity per year!

This way, you offer your guests a wonderful, heated experience while also saving on gas bills. So take advantage of the subsidy opportunity to make your terrace more sustainable. We would be happy to visit you to discuss the possibilities.
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