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The advantages of Sit & Heat

Sit & Heat is an energy-efficient patio heater in the form of a cushion. This cushion runs on a battery or on a fixed power point. Sit & Heat saves 95% in energy costs! In addition, the heated seats are very comfortable. The Sit & Heat heater turns on when you sit down on the cushion. Using the control knob, you can set the degree of heat yourself. When you leave the seat, the heating switches itself off automatically after two minutes. Heating in the seat and back area warms up your torso, ensuring optimal warmth.

Revenue boosting

Sit & Heat offers your guests the optimal heat experience. Your guests stay seated longer and therefore easily order an extra drink! It also provides extra seating, as your outdoor space can be used all year round.


With Sit & Heat, you save up to 95% of energy. The sensor in the cushion ensures that the heating switches on and off automatically. By heating the body directly, you do not lose any energy to the outside air. So no unnecessary energy consumption!


Sit & Heat is an innovative way to warm your guests. The new way of heating means your guests will come home with a nice story. This will take the experience of your establishment to a higher level. Surprise your guests with Sit & Heat!

Heated seats

A chair cushion that automatically heats up when you sit down: you'll make your guests happy. The heated back and seat are powered by a battery, which is easy to change. The seat cushions can be put together according to your wishes, with your logo. You can choose from various models and more than 250 colours.
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Heated benches

The bench on your terrace has found its match. Shape, colour, upholstery: the choice is yours. The Lounge is custom-made for each sofa, which means that corner and round sofas can also be fitted with heated cushions. The cushions consist of a back and a seat, with the possibility of several heated seats per cushion. Each guest can adjust the heat individually: never too hot or too cold.
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