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What do Sit & Heat and Manchester United have in common? Both teams know how to fan the flames when it really matters.

Sit & Heat is proud to announce a great partnership with Manchester United Football Club. We have created custom-made heated business seats that now occupy a beautiful place in the stands at Old Trafford, Manchester United's famous home ground. The most dominant team in English football history. From Busby's babes to Ten Hag's talents, this global club has partnered with Sit & Heat to provide unparalleled hospitality, warmth and comfort to their valued guests.

Experience winning heat with Manchester United and Sit & Heat

This project was a unique collaboration between Sit & Heat, Arena Seating and our UK sales team, Anthony Gerard and Stuart Hardy. Initial discussions with Gary Hebblewhite, Manchester United's stadium director, were not only exciting but also inspiring. It sparked genuine interest and commitment to sustainably improve the seats of business members with the innovative heating systems From Sit & Heat. Manchester United understands that heating people and not the air is a good solution for the planet.

Imagine football legend Sir Alex Ferguson overseeing his club from the new luxury Sit & Heat seats in the Theatre of Dreams. While the opponent is facing an icy match, the battle against the cold is easily won in the stands. In the debut match with Sit & Heat, Man United recorded a resounding 2-1 victory at home against Chelsea. Coincidence? We don't think so. It was a scorching performance from a team that warms things up both on and off the pitch.

Manchester United's biggest contract this season: Sit & Heat

According to punters, Sit & Heat seats are United's biggest acquisition this season since Rasmus Højlund. In addition to the 40 heated seats already in place for the technical staff, another 220 business seats were carefully installed. The collaboration required good planning and execution, given the club's busy match schedule. Between Premier League, EFL Cup and Champions League matches, Sit & Heat finished the job without the need for 'Fergie time'

The 220 business seats were housed at Sit & Heat for an away game and then returned to Manchester. The seats underwent a full upgrade by our skilled manufacturing and design team in the Netherlands before being reinstalled at Old Trafford. Sit & Heat's CEO, Jorg Rijkschroeff, and CCO, Jeroen Diks, spent time at the stadium several times for meetings, on-site management and installation. The project was completed within a tight schedule during the season. The international break, coupled with back-to-back away games, provided the ideal time to carry out the Sit & Heat upgrade. The project was finally completed in time for Manchester United's home match with Chelsea on 6 December 2023.

Extreme comfort and the best view

Sit & Heat's newly installed seats offer extreme comfort and the best view in the stadium. They are the only fully upholstered seats at Old Trafford and have been specially made for United's legends. David Beckham, Rio Ferdinand and Roy Keane can now stay warm during winter matches while watching their beloved Red Devils. They can control their heat with three heating levels and adjust the temperature as they wish, depending on what they watch on the pitch. Defensive, balanced, attacking - control your heat on your own seat with Sit & Heat.

Another Champions League success for Sit & Heat

This partnership is another major Champions League client for Sit & Heat, adding to the company's impressive portfolio that includes PSG, PSV, Feyenoord and now includes Manchester United. Asked if this is a major milestone in Sit & Heat's journey, Jorg Rijkschroeff happily replied, "It's a great club to present and we aim to do a lot more in the UK and specifically at Old Trafford as we continue this partnership with Man United. We have exciting innovations in store and are always looking for new opportunities for our professional football clients."

As you can imagine, Sit & Heat is obviously very happy with the result - another world-famous club to work with and another top result. United has a global fan base and has had some of the biggest names in football in its history. Now the Class of '96 and the rest can enjoy the best seats at Old Trafford with Sit & Heat. And while we eagerly await feedback from football legends such as Scholes, Giggs, Becks and Cantona, Gary Neville is no doubt expected to have something great to say about the Sit & Heat upgrade at Manchester United.

In the vibrant city of Eindhoven, where culinary creativity and innovation converge, a remarkable collaboration has taken place between Dinner Domes Eindhoven and Sit & Heat. This unique collaboration not only offers an unforgettable culinary experience in the atmospheric domes, but also introduces Sit & Heat's pioneering of heat pads to keep guests warm even on cold nights.

A new era of dining in Eindhoven

Dinner Domes are an emerging trend in the hospitality industry, where guests can enjoy an intimate and exclusive dining experience in translucent, dome-shaped 'domes'. This unique setting not only offers protection from bad and cold weather, but also creates a magical atmosphere perfect for special occasions or just a cosy dinner under the stars.

In Eindhoven, the Dinner Domes have taken this experience to the next level by partnering with Sit & Heat. Our innovative heating pads fit perfectly into the domes and offer pleasant warmth to guests, allowing them to enjoy their dinner in comfort.

First in the Netherlands

Paul van Boxtel has taken the initiative to set up the Dinner Dome concept in Eindhoven. At the foot of the majestic Sint-Catharinakerk church, you will find the cosy Dinner Domes near Thomas Eindhoven. Paul has a first with this initiative, as these are the first Dinner Domes ever in the Netherlands! So the Dinner Domes are a truly unique experience!

Sit & Heat: Warm and comfortable in any chair

Sit & Heat is known for its advanced heat cushions that provide pleasant warmth regardless of the outside temperature. With wireless heat technology, guests can take a seat on the wonderfully warm seats, ensuring a pleasant feeling. The use of sustainable and energy-efficient materials makes Sit & Heat not only comfortable, but also environmentally friendly.

The collaboration between Dinner Domes Eindhoven and Sit & Heat shows how innovation and attention to comfort can go hand in hand in the hospitality industry. It is not just a meal, but a complete experience that stimulates the senses and gives guests an unforgettable evening.

"I always had the ideal of having a business with an informal atmosphere. An establishment where you can eat good food, drink good wines ánd get good service," says Elroy, owner of Bistro Flores. "An establishment where people are out of their daily lives for a while, but are pulled out of their rut for a while. So that they report feeling like they are on holiday. I think that's a wonderful compliment".

The beginning

"After I finished the event management course in Utrecht, I had an office job. Nothing for me! I needed hectic activity in my life," Elroy says. "I've found that now, though. The combination of business and hospitality, striving to make sure people have a great evening and getting the rush out of it... That's nice!"
"The cushions have a huge 'wow' effect!"

The courtyard garden

Since one April, Bistro Flores has had a canopy over its popular courtyard garden. "Through the canopy, I can offer more quality and more space. Bistro Flores is known for being a place where you can sit comfortably, even if you have to wait a while for a table. Sit & Heat's cushions make a modest contribution to this.

A Wow effect

Elroy does not have the Sit & Heat cushions on the chairs by default. He uses them at times when people are cold. For example, when the front door opens and closes. "I don't tell them beforehand that they will get warm, but then say, 'just wait, I'll try some'. Then people are incredibly pleasantly surprised. The cushions have a huge 'wow' effect"!"People should come here for the cosiness of the old days," says Kees, owner Bistro Tante Pietje in Den Bosch. "We are 15 years later still in the same atmosphere as 15 years ago, yet with many new elements. I take it as a compliment that people say we are renewing, when in fact they don't really know what has changed. The experience remains the same, which is nice".


In 2002, Kees took over Bistro Tante Pietje and thus started his first own business. "In the beginning, I never wanted to miss a day," says Kees. "As a result, I became the face of the business". Meanwhile, Kees is also co-owner of two other catering businesses. At these businesses, Kees has been given a different role, behind the scenes. Unlike at Bistro Tante Pietje, there he is still on the shop floor almost every day himself. "I continue to enjoy being a host, which I do with love and pleasure. I don't see that as work, no matter how long the evening lasts," Kees says.


"I think everything together makes Bistro Tante Pietje special in Den Bosch," says Kees. "When you come here and you eat well, you have nice service at the table, you find the atmosphere cosy and it buzzes nicely... then I think you come back. All those factors have to be right. The other day I received messages from several people saying that the best advertisement for Tante Pietje had just been made. Gerard Joling told me during his performance in the Brabanthallen that he always eats so well at Tante Pietje in Den Bosch. That's bold. That's all to do with gifting". Johannes owns pancake house De Duivelsberg. He preserves the rich history of the business and the nature reserve in various ways. "Come, I'll show you," Johannes exclaims enthusiastically. Using a photo wallpaper, he tells about De Duivelsberg; about how the area was originally German territory, about the only area held by the Netherlands after World War II, how the Forestry Commission became the owner in 1963 and about the start of the current pancake restaurant under his parents' leadership.

Relaxation mode

Johannes himself also grew up in the wooded surroundings of De Duivelsberg. In 1988, Johannes became co-owner of the pancake house. After a few years, he felt like a new challenge and started an establishment in the centre of Nijmegen together with his parents. His sister joins the company, but after a few years they split up anyway. Johannes will focus entirely on De Duivelsberg after all. "That's where my roots are. That has to do with the style. I feel that people come here more in the relaxation mode".
"I like to handle our raw materials sustainably"

Renew with the same experience

Since Johannes regained sole focus on pancake house De Duivelsberg, he has always been busy with various expansions. "The conservatory, the kitchen, the new parasols and, for example, the Sit & Heat cushions," Johannes says. "I am often told that nothing has changed here, when in fact all sorts of things have changed! The experience we apparently give guests remains the same. I like that," says Johannes. "In the afternoon, I often go for a half-hour walk with the dogs. That's a moment of reflection, where I take pen and paper with me and on my return have my 'to do' list ready again".

Nice addition to hospitality

"One of the reasons why I chose Sit & Heat is that I like to be sustainable with the resources we have," says Johannes. Understandable too, given the beautiful wooded area he sits in. "For example, I also work with regional products. Because products from the region are a lot fresher; fewer intermediate links, less waste and less transport." "Sit & Heat is a nice addition to hospitality within the hospitality industry. You engage people to the product, you talk about it and then ask about their experience with it. They like that"!Nationally and internationally, De Blonde Pater has very often received high marks in various championships. The Barista championships, the tastiest sandwich in the Netherlands, the Nijmegen Terrace Award and in September 2015 1st place in the Misset Koffie top 100. The cosy, approachable atmosphere and quality ensure that Café de Blonde Pater is packed every day.

Quality is in everything

"Quality is in several things," Nicky explains. "Quality is in speed, in the people working there, in all the materials used and in the products. It is always a search for the best quality at a yet attractive price". Café De Blonde Pater continues to constantly improve and innovate. This is also one of the reasons why Café De Blonde Pater chose Sit & Heat instead of traditional patio heating. The three heaters that were hanging there are now gone. A nice saving of some €3,000 a year!
"Warm buttocks....GAAAAF!"

Heaters are often left on unnecessarily

"Our business is often full inside. The terrace is then a logical extension, but it requires good heating in winter. We used to have heaters, which were burning outside to attract people to the terrace as well. A huge waste of energy and a huge waste of course". Now, only the guests at Café De Blonde Pater are heated themselves and not the empty spaces around them. "The reactions from guests are fantastic of course. When I told someone inside the other day about the warm buttocks, she responded; Meeeeen you don't! GAAAAF! Yes, people do find that superdeluxe of course".In a unique location on the edge of the Mastbos, five minutes from the centre of Breda, is 'Grand Café De Kogelvanger'. The restaurant overlooks the nature reserve, which used to be a military training ground. Here, Peter and Ellen have transformed an old café into a catering establishment that fits in perfectly with the surroundings.

Appreciation is often in small things

"I think the best compliment is that people have found their niche here, they are happy we are here," Peter says. "People like the fact that with us they don't have to choose between a lunch or dinner menu. They can choose what they fancy. It's often those little things that can make for great appreciation. Like the extra comfort of the cushions from Sit & Heat".
 "It is the spots that are occupied first"

Many positive reactions

"The response to Sit & Heat has been very good. People find it a pleasant way of heating," Peter says. "I myself also hate having such a warm heater on your face". Ellen and Peter ordered additional cushions from Sit & Heat for Grand Café De Kogelvanger after only a few months. "Guests were waiting for a Sit & Heat seat to become available. It's the seats that are occupied first. Insane concept!"

A satisfied man

"What ultimately is my dream? Poohhh I have several... Maybe one day another business, but also definitely seeing more of the world," Peter says. "At the moment, I am completely satisfied. I love dealing with the guests. And Ellen, that's what I'm most proud of," says Peter. "Everything she does for the business, how it looks now, I owe that to her".In 1982, Prisca and Remco Vaartstra's parents started one of the first Delifrances in the Netherlands. They were right in the centre of Utrecht among the shops. There, brother and sister watched their parents give their own interpretation to the now widespread franchise formula. From 1998, Prisca and Remco took the reins themselves. As a franchise business, they naturally had to deal with various regulations, but they were also given a lot of room for their own input. Thus, Prisca and Remco now have soups on the menu that their mother (now 77 years old) still makes herself!

Working together for hospitality

"It was all going very well... But as an entrepreneur, you always want to be challenged," Prisca says. "That's why we started a second Delifrance in Veenendaal in 2005". After a few years, they opted for one business again after all. "We can't do without each other," says Prisca. "We complement each other too well for that". They saw the most future in Delifrance Veenendaal and continued there together. With success! In 2012, the business was ranked 3rd most hospitable Delifrance in the Netherlands. "Until now, we have also been in the top 10 every year," says Prisca. "We do consider that a very big compliment".
"People just order a second cup of coffee"

Offering extra comfort

Prisca and Remco let that hospitality be reflected in as many things as possible. Sit & Heat makes a modest contribution with heated cushions on the outdoor terrace. "Sit & Heat is still quite unique, I like that," says Prisca. In Veenendaal, Prisca and Remco are the first with Sit & Heat cushions on the terrace. "This year we are 10 years old, so we have something to celebrate and like to offer our guests extra comfort. The reactions from our guests are very positive. People are so comfortable, they just order a second cup of coffee and of course that's what we do it for!""What do I enjoy doing most myself? Yes that is setting up and working out new things," says Dirk van de Voort, owner of Tapasbar de Markt in Breda. Dirk is a true entrepreneur who loves innovation. "You are always changing too" is something Dirk often hears. "Sometimes people also doubt those changes. Me too. But then when your guests end up being happy about it... That's what gives me energy!"

Continue to grow

Meanwhile, Dirk has been the owner of Tapasbar de Markt in Breda for two years. Inside it is small, but outside he has a large terrace with a view of the church and over the large Market Square. That's why Dirk is interested in getting the most out of his terrace: "By adding extra warmth and comfort to my terrace, I increase my seating capacity in winter," he says. After two years, there is already huge growth in the tapas bar's terrace. "For the time being, I want to keep growing. I notice that the investments in the terrace are generating bigger revenues," Dirk says. "Next year we will start working on windbreaks, another new challenge."

People don't believe it

For several months now, cushions from Sit & Heat have been on Dirk's terrace. "By using my heaters less, I hope to eventually make substantial savings on energy costs", he says, adding, "I read a column by Radboud Bergevoet in the Misset horeca. He talked about how Sit & Heat provides a piece of service and hospitality to guests. This made you stick around. And the reactions are very nice to hear. Many people don't believe it: 'Heated cushions!? Really!", they will say. Then when they sit down, they think it's brilliant! I'm sure they will share this experience at home".At the age of 21, Anouk Veen opened her own catering business in Grave; Lunchroom Sabor. She soon knew that hospitality was 'her thing'. She spent evenings brainstorming the interior of the lunchroom. Now it stands. Completely conceived and decorated by herself. Young and fresh, which certainly makes it stand out among all the brown cafés in Grave. But she also surprises both tourists and residents in the village with her well-made coffee.

You stand out in everything

Sit & Heat's cushions are a great addition to this innovative concept. In Grave, Sabor is the first catering establishment to use this modern version of the old-fashioned terrace heaters. The lunchroom has only been open since March, so they have not yet experienced a winter. Nevertheless, the cushions have already been used many times and she gets a lot of positive feedback. "People now ask on arrival if we want to put them back on" says Anouk. "If you want to stay open a bit longer in the evening, those cushions are really ideal".
"I was shocked by the consumption of other patio heaters"

All ready for winter

Because Sabor is small inside, Anouk sees Sit & Heat as an extension of the number of seats. "I will soon create 6 extra seats with it in winter," Anouk points out. The quick calculator realises that this already gives her a partial return on her investment. Even more important to her, however, was the consumption "I was shocked by the consumption costs of other patio heaters," she explains. "Together with the uniqueness of these cushions, reason enough to choose this."
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