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Hospitality entrepreneur 
in The Hague?

As entrepreneurs from The Hague, you will now temporarily receive €2,500 in subsidy to furnish your terrace with heat cushions from Sit & Heat!

Grants for Heat Cushions

Are you a hospitality entrepreneur in The Hague? Then you can get a subsidy of up to €2,500 (excluding VAT) for heat cushions from Sit & Heat. Heat cushions save 95% on electricity compared to 'old-fashioned' heaters. This makes them much better for the environment and attractive for your wallet. Entrepreneurs from The Hague who purchase heat cushions for the first time will receive a temporary subsidy of up to €2,500!

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How can you apply for the grant?

Heating Coaches meeting with Hospitality owners - Sit & Heat
Step 1: request an appointment
Request a free, no-obligation appointment with one of our Heat Coaches. They will visit your terrace and discuss available subsidy options with you.
Monsieur Rouge - Sit & Heat
Step 2: Design and Offer
If you decide to go ahead, we will make a drawing of your terrace and design custom-made cushions. You will then receive a personalised offer.
Sit & Heat cushions on a terrace
Step 3: Finalise and install
Once you agree, we will arrange all the paperwork with the municipality to receive your grant. Your new custom-made heated cushions can be on your terrace within six weeks.

1600+ heated terraces

There is a reason why more than 1,600 hospitality businesses worldwide trust us to keep their guests warm and comfortable. Together, we reduce their impact on the environment.
Sit & Heat cushions in Walwijk

Save on energy costs

By choosing Sit & Heat's custom-made heated cushions, you will save up to 95% on energy costs for heating your patio. Our cushions use minimal power and are equipped with a smart sensor that automatically switches them off when not in use. This efficient design maximises energy savings while providing comfortable warmth to your guests. Unlike traditional heaters, our cushions heat users directly instead of the air, making them both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Better for the Environment

This grant encourages hospitality operators to switch to sustainable patio heating. Our cushions produce little to no emissions and use significantly less energy compared to traditional heating methods. Unlike gas, hybrid or overhead electric heaters that heat the air, our cushions provide direct heat to your guests, ensuring maximum comfort with minimal environmental impact. This approach not only saves energy, but significantly reduces your carbon footprint.

Sit & Heat is better for the environment
Save energy with Sit & Heat

Lower energy costs

Direct heat provides significant energy cost savings

Sit & Heat made for catering

Personal Warmth

Our heated cushions enhance the guest experience on your terrace
Heated comfort with Sit & Heat

Warm hospitality

Give your guests the ability to control their own heating level at their seat
Sustainable heat with Sit & Heat

Sustainability targets

We help you, achieve your sustainability goals by heating your guests and not the air.

95% Reduction of energy costs

Reduce your energy costs, effectively cut your overheads and save money.

More than 300 Local Businesses

Join a growing network of forward-thinking companies already benefiting from these grants.

Up to €2,500 Available

Access up to €2,500 in grants to offset the cost of energy-efficient and sustainable heating on your patio.

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Sustainably made in the Netherlands
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