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Sit & Heat for Churches

Energy-saving and sustainable heated cushions
Parish Buying members get the benefit of an agreed 20% discount with Parish Buying

Personal Warmth For Your Church

Sit & Heat offers innovative heating products designed for churches and cathedrals, providing direct warmth to attendees while reducing energy bills and supporting sustainability goals. Our cordless, rechargeable heated church chair cushions and church pew cushions provide sustainable heating without compromising historic interiors. Sit & Heat is offering an exclusive 20% discount for Parish Buying members in conjunction with the Church of England.

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Sit & Heat church chair cushions

Our Church Heated Cushions

Sit & Heat church chair cushion - Nimma
Church chair cushion (heated seat & back)
Cordless rechargeable heated chair cushion
Price per unit from £191
(price includes discount, VAT, and shipping costs)
Minimum 3 units for free shipping.
Nimma includes battery and charger.
Sit & Heat church chair cushion - Munich
Pew cushion single (heated seat only) 
Cordless rechargeable heated bottom cushion
Price per unit from £124
(price includes discount, VAT, and shipping costs)
Minimum 5 units for free shipping.
Munich includes battery and charger.
Sit & Heat church cushions
Pew long bottom cushion
Custom-made heated bottom bench cushion
2-seater, 3-seater, and 4-seater options available.
Price per unit from £294
(price includes discount, VAT, and shipping costs)
Minimum 2 units for free shipping.
Custom may require transformer
(sold seperately).

Everything you need to get started for your church

Church Pew Bottom Cushions - Munich
- All prices include 20% Parish Buying discount, VAT and shipping.

- Free shipping on orders £500 or over; orders under £500 incurs a £35 shipping fee.

- Custom pew long cushions may require transformer (sold seperately).

- All cordless chair cushions include battery and charger.

Select Your Colour - Four Options Available

All our church products comply with British safety standards including fire regulations
Dark Blue
SLW 02
SLW 50
SLW 61
SLW 66

Heat Your People Not the Space

Sit & Heat's cordless, rechargeable heating products prioritize warming people directly, cutting energy costs and usage. By focusing heat where it's most needed, these products offer both comfort and significant savings. Eco-friendly, with zero emissions, they represent a smart choice for warming your churchgoers.
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Sit & Heat in Churches

Heated Church Chair Cushions

Our church chair cushions are battery-powered and equipped with smart sensors that can auto activate for immediate warmth, but also turn off after 2 minutes of inactivity to save energy. They're cordless and use safe infrared technology. You can also select from from four colours, and incorporate your church's logo for a personal touch.

Heated Church Pew Cushions

Our Heated Bottom Cushions offer functional warmth and comfort for your church, designed to fit any pew or chair. These cordless, rechargeable heating pads are equipped with smart sensors with auto on/off functionality, offering an energy-saving, hassle-free, and sustainable way to heat your guests. Customise them to match your space with a selection of four colours, and add your church’s logo for a personal touch.
Sit & Heat church bottom cushions
Fire bag Charging Crate - Sit & Heat

Church Safe Charging Bag

Our Church Safe Charging Bag provides a reliable and efficient way to charge multiple batteries simultaneously. Built within a lipo safe bag for superior safety, this charging station can accommodate up to 8 batteries, ensuring all your devices are powered and ready. Designed for both ease of use and easy mobility, just plug it in and begin charging your batteries safely and efficiently.
Save energy with Sit & Heat

Lower Energy Bills

Providing direct warmth results in significant energy cost reductions
Heated comfort with Sit & Heat

Personal Warmth

Give your congregation the ability to control their own heating level
Sit & Heat in Churches

Preserve Your Interiors

Our wireless heated cushions protect your historic church pews and interiors
Duurzame warmte met Sit & Heat

Sustainability Goals

We help you meet your Net Zero 2030 sustainability goals by heating your people not the air

Save Energy With Smart Heating

Sit & Heat's heating products offer comfort and efficiency in churches, focusing on individuals to lower energy costs and support Net Zero 2030 goals. Smart sensors ensure energy is only used when needed, aligning with sustainable practices.

Their designs are tailored for church environments, with wireless heated cushions that respect historical aesthetics. These products can be integrated or custom-made for various seating arrangements, enhancing decor without compromising sacred ambiance.

Additionally, these heating products improve safety, well-being, and engagement in church, providing a warmer setting for services and events. They suit a range of activities, promoting fellowship and community engagement indoors and outdoors.
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Sit & Heat in Churches
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