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Horeca ondernemer 
in Den Haag?

Ontvang tot € 2.500 aan subsidie voor de inrichting van je terras 
met de duurzaam verwarmde terraskussens van Sit & Heat!

Solving High Energy Costs and Sustainability with Subsidies

Are you a hospitality entrepreneur in the Municipality of Den Haag? As a hospitality business, you can now apply for a grant of up to €2500 (excluding VAT). Save energy, boost sustainability, and enhance brand visibility with support from your city. This subsidy scheme can be used by investing in Sit & Heat heated cushions for your energy-efficient terrace.

Reduce Operating Expenses

By choosing Sit & Heat's custom heated cushions you can save up to 95% on your energy costs associated with heating your terrace.

Environmental Responsibility

This subsidy encourages businesses to adopt energy-efficient terrace heating. Switching to Sit & Heat heats your guests not the environment.

How can you access the subsidy?

Heating Coaches meeting with Hospitality owners - Sit & Heat
Step 1
Request a free no obligation meeting with one of our heating coaches who meet you at your terrace to discuss the subsidy.
Monsieur Rouge - Sit & Heat
Step 2
We make a drawing of your terrace and create a design of our customised cushions and then send you an offer to approve
Sit & Heat cushions on a terrace
Step 3
Once approved, we take care of the rest with the municipality. In 6 weeks your new heated cushions can be on your terrace.

1600+ verwarmde terrassen

Er is een reden waarom meer dan 1600 horeca bedrijven wereldwijd ons vertrouwen om hun gasten warm en comfortabel te houden. Samen verminderen we hun impact op het milieu.

How does this subsidy scheme work?

Through this partnership with the municipality, we aim to encourage hospitality entrepreneurs to invest in sustainable terrace heating. By making subsidies available, it becomes more attractive for many entrepreneurs to switch to green alternatives for their terrace like our Sit & Heat heated cushions.

Work with our team

Work with one of our heating coaches to tailor our heated lounge cushions and chair cushions to your specifications, and you can even have your own branding embroidered on the cushions.

Invest in sustainable warmth

Your Sit & Heat heated cushions allow you to enjoy significant energy savings and delightful comfort for your guests.

Make use of the subsidy

Submit your subsidy application to the Municipality of Den Haag and you can receive up to €1500 excluding VAT to save energy. If you need assistance, we are here to help guide you through the application process at the municipality.

Save energy with Sit & Heat

Lower Energy Bills

Providing direct warmth results in significant energy cost reductions
Sit & Heat gemaakt voor horeca

Personal Warmth

Our heated cushions improve the guest experience on your terrace
Heated comfort with Sit & Heat

Warm Hospitality

Give your guests the ability to control their own heating level at their seat
Duurzame warmte met Sit & Heat

Sustainability Goals

We help you meet your sustainability goals by heating your guests and not the air

Transforming Terrace Heating in Utrecht

"As a restaurant owner in Utrecht, the subsidy program has been a game-changer for us. It allowed us to upgrade to Sit & Heat's energy-efficient heated cushions, significantly reducing our operating costs and enhancing guest comfort. This initiative not only supports our financial goals but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability."
Moos, Utrecht
Read full case study

95% Decrease in Energy Expenses

Reduce your energy expenses, effectively lowering overheads and saving you money.

Over 300 Local Businesses

Join a growing network of forward-thinking businesses that are already benefiting from these subsidies.

Up to €2500 available

Access up to €2500 in subsidies to help offset the cost of energy-efficient and sustainable heating for your terrace.

Request a free quote today!

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