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A catering hotspot with a special view of the Nijmegen Aeroclub's glider airfield, that is Boscafé de Zweef. Its unique location, its accessibility for walkers and cyclists and its lovely casual atmosphere make this forest café a popular spot for young and old.

Durability and comfort in one 

"With Sit & Heat's heat pads, you combine sustainability and comfort," says Steven, owner of Boscafé de Zweef. "We are constantly looking for ways to increase the comfort for our guests and ensure a terrace where our guests can sit comfortably. The extra comfort means people stay longer and our outdoor space is also used more in winter. Sustainability is also a big theme. We are in the middle of beautiful nature here and want to do our bit to preserve it. Sit & Heat's cushions use much less energy than a patio heater, for instance, which saves costs. The solution offered by Sit & Heat combines sustainability and comfort in a way that suits us as a catering establishment."    


"We are always looking for ways to load our brand and translate our branding to increase recognition and experience for our guests. So the ability to add your own signage to the cushions is a nice touch. It allows you to subtly reflect the logo on all the cushions."  

Located on the historic Houtstraat in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, 'Sit & Heat Plaza' is a fascinating combination of history, warmth and exceptional hospitality. This charming plaza has not only undergone a physical transformation over the years, but has also become a testament to the power of cost-saving outdoor heating solutions, attracting local customers and tourists alike.

A vibrant hub in historic Nijmegen

Walking into Houtstraat, the oldest shopping street in the Netherlands, you will be welcomed with open arms by 'Sit & Heat Plaza'. This inviting centre is where locals and visitors come together to enjoy delectable food, delicious drinks and most importantly, the welcoming warmth that Sit & Heat offers.

Terrace transformations: A neighbourhood makeover

A leisurely stroll through 'Sit & Heat Plaza' reveals a lively picture, with terraces full of satisfied guests. What these well-known catering establishments have achieved with their terrace facilities goes beyond a new look. Their investments in the terraces have revitalised the plaza, attracting more visitors and reviving the local economy.

A domino effect of heat

For the owners of Blonde Pater, Nibbles, Holt and Steven, choosing Sit & Heat was a logical decision. This choice set off a chain reaction, with Blonde Pater taking the lead. As news spread about the positive effects of Sit & Heat, other companies soon followed suit. The results are tangible: more visitors, an improved restaurant experience and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Unique branches, unified warmth

Each of these establishments has its own charm, offering different cuisines, drinks and unique guest experiences. This personality is even reflected in their choice of cushions, but they all share one common feature: Sit & Heat. Whether it is cold in winter or hot in summer, our cushions remain a fixture on Sit & Heat Plaza's patio chairs, providing a comfortable experience all year round.

Steven: The newest addition to 'Sit & Heat Plaza,' café bistro bar Steven, wholeheartedly embraces the heat revolution. With Nimma and bespoke lounge cushions Steven is already leaving a lasting impression in the local food scene.

Holt: Combining a variety of factors to create a special dining experience, Holt has made 'Sit & Heat Plaza' its central stage. Look out for their signature heated cushions adorning the chairs on the terrace, including a custom-made range of Nimma cushions.

Blonde PaterBlonde Pater is a staple of Nijmegen's café scene and has something to offer for every occasion, from breakfast to drinks. Guests can enjoy the tastiest coffee, served by their specialised barista, while relaxing on customised Nimma and lounge cushions. Owner Nicky Maas says of the delightful response from guests: "The response from our guests to our heated cushions has been fantastic."

Nibbles: Known for its varied international cuisine, 'Sit & Heat Plaza' is home to Nibbles. Here, guests can enjoy delicious dishes while sitting on the Lounge and Nimma chair cushions, which provide comfort and cosiness.

Sit & Heat Plaza: a hot attraction

With over 300 heated seats, 'Sit & Heat Plaza' will be a warm attraction during the colder months. The vibrant terrace, filled with happy and warm guests, is proof of the savvy entrepreneurs who have invested in their vision and trust in our products. Unofficially, Sit & Heat Plaza is perhaps the cosiest place on earth - a destination where history, hospitality and warmth come together, offering unforgettable experiences in every season.

A commitment to sustainability

With hospitality owners like these four committed to reducing their emissions, it is no wonder that Nijmegen became a European Green Capital in 2018. This city-wide recognition shows the great impact we can collectively have to improve an entire community. By opting for eco-friendly solutions like Sit & Heat, Nijmegen remains at the forefront of sustainability and shows how small changes can have a big positive impact.


'Sit & Heat Plaza' in historic Nijmegen offers a fascinating combination of history, hospitality and warmth. This striking transformation, made possible by cost-saving outdoor heating solutions, serves as compelling evidence of the positive impact such innovations have on local businesses and communities. Whether it is the summer ambience that draws visitors to soak up the sun and relax on our comfortable chairs, or the winter haven where customers can enjoy hot drinks in our beautiful restaurants, 'Sit & Heat Plaza' is a popular destination all year round. Discover this vibrant spot, where every season brings new life to the Netherlands' oldest street, Houtstraat, with an inviting combination of warmth and hospitality.

You've just found out you're pregnant. Hooray! Start your pregnancy well prepared with Sit & Heat's heated pillows. Discovering that you are pregnant is one of the most exciting and joyous moments in a woman's life. The mix of emotions, from excitement to wonder, can be overwhelming. While pregnancy is a wonderful experience, it can also be challenging. Many women experience physical discomfort, such as back pain, which can sometimes make daily life quite difficult. Fortunately, Sit & Heat has a very nice solution for this: heat pads!

Back pain during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is a common complaint. The growing baby and changes in the body can cause tension and discomfort in the back. This back pain can range from mild to severe and affect the expectant mother's daily life. Finding effective ways to relieve back pain during pregnancy is essential. Fortunately, heat pads can provide relief. They help relax muscles, improve circulation and reduce pain, allowing pregnant women to find relief from (back) pain.

Heat pads during pregnancy

A pregnant woman hugging her pillow

Heat pads offer relief from back pain during pregnancy in several ways. The gentle and even heat they give off helps the muscles relax when the pillow is placed in the back. Due to the improved blood flow, thanks to the heat, nutrients and oxygen are transported to the painful area more efficiently, promoting recovery. It is also possible to place the pillow under your heavy abdomen, allowing your belly to rest on this and relieve tension. Using heated pillows is a safe and effective method of reducing back pain during pregnancy.

Safety and precautions

Our cushions work with infrared technology. This technology has been extensively tested and is completely safe for you and your baby. Sometimes it is thought that infrared is not good for the baby. If you look this up online, you will also find that infrared saunas, for example, are not recommended. The reason is that in an infrared sauna or a jacuzzi, your body as a whole heats up very quickly and thus your internal temperature rises. With the use of a heating pad, only a specific part of your body is heated and your body temperature will not rise nearly fast enough to be harmful to your unborn child.

In addition, Sit & Heat's heat pillows also feature a control panel, allowing you to turn off the heat. So your body can slowly warm up, but also slowly cool down again while you can continue to enjoy the cushions' lovely soft fabric all the while. Warm and nice and soft!

Two types of pillows for you

At Sit & Heat, we have two types of heat pads especially for you. Our plush cushions come in Velour and Teddy fabric. Both wonderfully soft in their own way. We also have cushions for your own chairs or benches. That way you can choose what you like best!

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